Barnstable Boat Basin

A state-approved Harbor Management Plan establishes a community’s objectives, standards, and policies for guiding public and private use of land and water within the jurisdiction of the Public Waterfront Act (Chapter 91).  A HMP is designed to help:

“coastal communities to ensure waterfront areas grow in an environmentally sound and economically prosperous manner by promoting harbor planning and encouraging the creation or expansion of water-dependent facilities in developed port and harbor areas”

We are in the process of accumulating, examining and editing data for a Harbor Management Plan for Barnstable Harbor.  Once complete, we will submit the plan to the town (municipality) “planning representative” for approval and then the Town of Barnstable submits the completed and approved plan to Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management for approval.  Commonwealth HMP’s have expiration dates and strict time-frames for renewal.

Upon completion, this will be the first Harbor Management Plan for any harbor in the Town of Barnstable.


March 2015:  A Harbor Management Plan (HMP) meeting was held and it was agreed that FBH would benefit from the creation of a “blue print” for Barnstable Harbor than from a state-sanctioned HMP.  It was believed that a state sanctioned HPM was complicated, expensive, involved T of B participation, and might jeopardize current historical infrastructure. Nevertheless, such a “blueprint” of Barnstable Harbor would be an important tool for addressing concerns such as use/abuse of recreational and commercial resources, establishing a regularized dredge schedule, planning for sea level rise and accompanying watershed issues, and other impacts on the Barnstable Harbor.


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