Issues and Challenges

Friends of Barnstable Harbor believes it takes more than a village, in fact, it will take the effort of several towns to ensure the well-being of the harbor, its marshes & its creeks & estuaries.

We feel that education and familiarization are imperative to ensuring that the recreational, commercial and environmental interests and concerns can co-exist within a thriving eco-system.

It is with this in mind that we move forward to face “New Challenges”.

FBH Map w Labels


New Challenges:

  • Youth Educational Project -YEP:   Invite Town of Barnstable 4th Graders to participate in an “outdoor classroom” aboard Barnstable Harbor Ecotours
  • Coastal Resiliency/Planning for the Future:  Impacts of Sea Level Rise (SLR) on watershed, marshes, erosion, recreational & commercial interests
  • Develop Living Shoreline Approaches to Sand Management/Dredging
  • Reduce Watershed Pollutants: Public Awareness Campaign
  • Hinckley Pond: Re-Establish a Herring Run
  • Monitor Health Creeks & Estuaries: Maraspin, Rendezvous, Chase Garden
  • Report Water Quality Monitoring Results:
    • Inner Basin Water Quality and Stagnation
    • Outer Harbor Water Quality

Ongoing Issues:

  • Address Storm Water and Sewage Treatment Run-Off into Barnstable Harbor
  • Ensure Boat Basin Access to Commercial Users:  Designated Parking & Charter Slips in perpetuity
  • Preparation of Barnstable Harbor Management Plan/ Blue Print
    • Establish Regularly Scheduled Channel Maintenance Dredging
    • Blish Point (State) Ramp Sand Build-up & Sand Management Plan
  • Monitor & Report to the Town on the Deterioration of Millway Bridge & Road
  • Dinghy Storage for Mooring Field Users & Transient Visitors

Past Successes:

  • Worked with the Town of Barnstable on the Inner Harbor Construction Project:
    -Repair of Bulkhead
    -Improved Parking Areas
    -Upgraded Access and Off-Loading capability for Commercial and Charter Fishing Vessels
    -Improved Pump-Out facilities
    -Preserved Navigable Waters in Boat Basin Reconfiguration Zone (January 2014)
  • Improved Communications with Town Agencies
  • Prompt Notifications of Relevant Public Hearings
  • Equitable Allocation of Town Resources
  • Established Alliance with: Audubon:  Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary