Sea Turtles & Marine Mammals

Sailboats, motor boats, kayaks & more, Barnstable Harbor occasionally hosts a meandering sea turtle.  Turtles are showing up in the harbor and in the bay in unprecedented numbers.  Report any happy and healthy sea turtle sightings to NOAA Fisheries.

More and more (unpopular with the local fisherman) seals are turning up.  Love them, or not, leave them alone.  It is against the law to harass a marine mammal, even if it does have a big striped bass in its mouth.

DO NOT TOUCH OR INTERFERE with Sea Turtles or Marine Mammals!


If a Marine Mammal appears stranded (on the beach – injured or otherwise) contact IFAW or one of the agencies on this link IMMEDIATELY.


Report Healthy Sea Turtle Sightings

turtle sightings poster