Barnstable Harbor Guide:  Tides & Weather

Tides & Weather

Barnstable Harbor’s magnificent tides (10-12′) are part of its charm.  However, tides of this magnitude translate into water rising or dropping 6″ every 15 minutes, or up to 2 feet in an hour with a current as strong as 5-6 knots.  Become familiar with the channels, sandbars, rocks and currents before you launch your boat or kayak.

It is incumbent upon all mariners to know the weather.  Sunny summer days can quickly turn into dangerous thunder squalls.  Keep an eye on the weather, wind and tide.  An outgoing tide coupled with a “fresh” southwest breeze can cause even the strongest kayaker to be late for dinner or worse.

Barnstable Harbor Guide:  Today’s Tides & Weather

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