Friends of Barnstable Harbor supports this fertilizer ordinance and asks you to do your best to comply. 

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Keeping nitrogen levels down is an essential element of maintaining good water quality and protecting our environment and all of its inhabitants.

Town of Barnstable Fertilizer Ordinance

The new ordinance now in effect, non-certified applicators of fertilizers must adhere to the following:

-Fertilizers can only be applied between March 31 and November 15
-Single applications must be done at intervals of no less than 4 weeks (maximum 4 applications per year)
-Fertilizers should not be applied to prior to or during heavy rain.
-Fertilizers cannot be applied within 100 feet of a wetland or within a zone 1 of a public drinking well.
-Fertilizers with Phosphorus cannot be applied unless you have a soil test (see www.soiltest.massedu) or you are establishing new turf
-Fertilizers with nitrogen cannot exceed 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet and contain at least 20% slow release nitrogen
-Clippings, leaves or other vegetative debris cannot be deposited within 50 feet of any water body.