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Barnstable Harbor is one of Cape Cod’s most beautiful and sensitive eco-systems. Surrounded by the towns of Barnstable, Sandwich, Yarmouth & Dennis, it is the Town of Barnstable’s only north side harbor and its only direct access to Cape Cod Bay. It has a long history of commercial & recreational fishing, packet boat transportation, whaling (now whale watching), shellfish farming and marine recreation. Barnstable Harbor has been a major tourist destination along the historic Old King’s Highway/Route 6A for many years.

We are building our website into a Factual Information Sharing Resource.  Explore our site to find information about Barnstable Harbor Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday.  What You Can Do! is a resource for Boating Safety Information, Weather & Tides, Fishing & Shellfishing Licenses & Regulations, Sea Turtle & Marine Mammals Sighting and Birding Information.  Visit Oysters, Clams & More to learn more about both Commercial & Recreational shellfishing and concerns in Barnstable Harbor.  Our Educational Tools Page will be a growing a resource for both teachers and students.

We provide stewardship for the short and long-term welfare, upkeep and enhancement of Barnstable Harbor.

Check back often and watch us preserve and protect your harbor.

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