Barnstable Harbor is a beautiful scene at the end of the lane for some, to others it provides a livelihood. 

For many it is a summer or a year round paradise that imprints a lifetime of memories. 

For all of us, it’s the harbor we love.


Barnstable Harbor


Join Us in our Effort to Preserve and Protect Barnstable Harbor

Spanning Cape Cod’s north side from Sandwich to Dennis, Barnstable Harbor is a recreational, economic and historic resource.  Whale-watchers, vacationers and locals all enjoy its ageless beauty.

Our mission is to preserve and protect the historic nautical character and quality of Barnstable Harbor;  to anticipate long-range environmental requirements and challenges;  to encourage a balance of public access and commercial services.  We are working with Town of Barnstable officials, local business owners and the entire harbor community in our efforts to sustain this mission.

Our activities include Creek Clean-ups and a Free Lecture Series.  Our committees are working on Environmental and Educational initiatives;  as well as on a Harbor Management Plan/Blueprint to map out an informed and sustainable vision for the future of Barnstable Harbor.

Our yep! Education Initiative offers Town of Barnstable students the opportunity explore Barnstable Harbor:  its environment, its history and its employment opportunities.

We are an all volunteer organization so we rely on members, not only to support us financially, but also to participate on committees and/or events, or in any manner that you are able to offer.