Storm Surge & Flooding

Rising flood tide at the Marttakeese Boat Ramp Blish Point
Millway/ Mattakeese Boat Ramp During 2018 Winter Storm Surge

Storm Surge & Flooding

Storm Surge & Flooding were just beginning to reach their peak in the picture above. Shortly afterwards, the seawater breached the marina bulkhead, Commerce and Freezer Roads, Millway Beach Seawall, and many other areas on Barnstable Harbor’s shoreline.

Climate related events are most likely inching their way to more tremendous storm scenarios like this one. Coastal Resiliency, the ability to “bounce back” after major storm events, as well as the ability to “weather” these storms.

Decisions as to whether it is better to rebuild and buffer, or retreat are specific to each instance of intrusion are often difficult to agree upon.

Adaptation is another important element of Coastal Resilience

Rebuild & Buffer

The Blish Point/ Commerce Road community continues to pursue the town, local and state officials in their efforts to find solutions to protect their property and their property values.


The Rendezvous Lane community has agreed to allow their “green” to be the new location for the sewer pump. This higher elevation will keep the pump safe from storm surge. Additionally a permanent auxiliary generator will be installed.

Flooding of Rendezvous Lane Sewer Pump January 2018
Rendezvous Lane storm flooding of sewer pump -Jan. 2018

This adaptation was approved by the Town of Barnstable Conservation Commission in January 2020. Installation of the new pump is anticipated in the fall of 2020.

Rethinking…Adaptation & Rebuilding

Local environmental writer Meera Subramanian published the article article on a local developer’s response to flood loss and rebuilding.

They Know Seas Are Rising But They Are Not Abandoning Their Beloved Cape

Meera reveals Cape Codder’s resilience as well as their ability to change their point of view. A good flooding event can wake all of us up!