Another Surprise Weather Event

Picture of tree roots and tree squishing a boat after hurricane force winds knocked the tree over

Message from the Prez

Another Surprise Weather Event

Like this past summer’s tornadoes, last Friday’s surprise weather event caught many of us off guard. Its ferocity knocked down trees and power lines across Cape Cod. This non-storm-wind-event brought hurricane force winds and left much of Barnstable, West Barnstable and Hyannis without electricity for more than eight hours. I was home making preparations for dinner guests when it became clear that darkness would be the mood lighting. Adaptive actions such as a change of menu, and a last minute request for guests to “bring your own candle” resulted in a lovely evening. Luckily, the power returned just in time to load and run the dishwasher!

Nevertheless, once again I am reminded of the importance of emergency preparedness. My new favorite -“battery powered candles”, flashlights, traditional candles, ice, canned and easy to prepare food, should be year round staples in our homes. Of course, sweaters, blankets, and dry seasoned wood for the fireplace can make a much more comfortable wintertime power outage. Keeping the fuel tank in the car at least half full is always a good idea, as you just never know…

Thus far this season we haven’t had any big winter northeasters. Still even though sun rises earlier and sets later than it did a few weeks ago, the winter is hardly over. So make sure that your home, and you, are ready for whatever mother nature brings whenever she brings it.

Storm Surges and Rising Seas

This week’s Old King’s Highway agenda includes an application from a Sandy Neck cottage owner.  The application reveals the owner’s intention to raise their cottage by six feet in response to the tremendous storm surge associated with 2018 winter storms.  No doubt there are several agencies aside from OKH that have jurisdiction over this decision.  Would it not be important for the community at large to weigh in?  After all, this is likely the first of many cottage owners and home owners that will be interested in raising their homes in the face of storm surges and rising seas.

(Wednesday 2/12) Old King’s Highway Agenda

And, because memory can be short and selective, I want to share with your this link:

 Cape Cod Sea Level Rise Viewer

This is a great tool for estimating the course of flooding tides and storm surges upon Barnstable Harbor’s coastline.

Stay safe, and prepared…

Avery Revere, President FBH