“Shelter in place” has a lot in common with “social distancing”

"Shelter in place" has a lot in common with "social distancing"

What a wild time we are experiencing. Currently we are facing a whole new brand of “resilience“. Nevertheless, many of the actions that are available to us for weathering COVID-19 are the same as we would utilize for any emergency preparedness situation. “Shelter in place” has a lot in common with “social distancing”.

Today, an economic expert stated on the radio that the best economic stimulus for the country would be for all of us to practice “social distancing”. This is how we as a nation can best mitigate the impact of this public health emergency and hopefully find ourselves returning to normalcy in the shortest order.

The good news is that even with social distancing, long walks on the beach are allowed! Get out of the house and onto the shores of Barnstable Harbor. When was the last time you walked the Sandy Neck’s marsh trail? Or checked out Bonehill Road, Millway Beach? Or visited your favorite secret spot?

Of course, don’t forget to take the kids!

The current situation has forced us to
postpone our upcoming “Marsh Talk” event. 

We will reschedule for a later date.

Marsh Talk Event Postponed Poster

“Shelter in place” has a lot in common with “social distancing”

Finally, not unlike when the northeaster hits and the power stays on, let’s hope that our response to coronavirus allows us to report “it wasn’t that bad!”