BH Mtg Report 10-27-14

Barnstable Boat Basin Bulkhead Under Construction -Again?


Click Below for PDF of Ann Canedy’s Report


Is it a Deja Vu?  Yes, we have “already seen” the parking lot torn up and the bulkhead under repair. 

A year ago structural weaknesses were detected in the newly replace bulkhead.  It was immediately noted that bolts were missing. Through excavation, borings and other tests, it was discovered that the washers holding the rods had been flattened and were coming through the beam. The design called for 3/4″ washers. However, 3/8″ washers were installed.

Due to significant external water pressure in this area, the bulkhead is bowing seaward.  There is significant failure all along the east bulkhead. There is no guarantee that there won’t be a catastrophic failure – this is being immediately addressed.

The design engineering firm (formerly Vine Associates- now GZA) has taken full responsibility for failure, nevertheless, anticipate the parking lot looking a lot like it did 3 years ago while the bulkhead is re-fitted with 1″ washers.

To learn more about the Bulkhead Repair, the condition of Millway Bridge & the Blish Point Sand Management Project, click the link above for Ann Canedy’s Harbor Update full report from the October 27th Harbor Meeting.