2014 Annual Report

In 2015 Friends of Barnstable Harbor forges forward with new Environmental & Educational Initiatives.  Read on to learn more…

2014 Annual Report

January 10th, 2015

This report summarizes the activities of Friends of Barnstable Harbor (FoBH) in 2014.

Directors & By-Laws:

Organization founder Ted Theodores stepped down from his position as president.  Ted remained Clerk/Secretary for the year 2014.  In 2015, Ted will serve as a director at large.

Five new directors were elected at the 2014 Annual Meeting on December 5th, 2014:

·      Peter Eleftherakis, Clerk/Secretary

·      Chris Schumacher, Treasurer

·      Jey Smith, Director

·      Craig Schelter, Director

·      Fred Schilpp, Director

Two amendments regarding meetings were made to the By-Laws as well.  Links to the complete list of Directors & Advisors, amended By-Laws and the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes are available on the website.

General Activity:

In early January 2014, FoBH members and harbor stakeholders met with representatives from the Town of Barnstable Harbormaster’s office, Town of Barnstable engineers and Town Councilor Ann Canedy to discuss a proposed “Reconfiguration Zone” for the docks at the Town of Barnstable Boat Basin Marina.  The general consensus of stakeholders was that the proposed “Reconfiguration Zone” encroached upon the channel and publicly navigable waters, and that it would impede safe travel for recreational and commercial boat traffic in the area.   Letters written to both town and state officials requested that the town amend its proposal.  The Harbormaster’s Office agreed and implemented the amendments to its Chapter 91 license modification proposal.

Throughout the year FoBH has convened with town officials, stakeholders and others regarding the following on-going issues:

·      Boat Basin Bulkhead Failure & Repair
·      Aquaculture Grants
·      Sand Management at Blish Point
·      Scudders Lane Landing
·      Boat Basin & Channel Dredging
·      Freezer Point Development
·      Millway Bridge Deterioration

Ted Theodores, Fred Schilpp and Avery Revere met with Town Manager Tom Lynch, Assistant Town Manager Mark Ells and Harbormaster Dan Horn to update them on Friends of Barnstable Harbor activities and goals.

New Initiatives:

1.     Environmental Committee:  Identify and address the environmental factors that impact Barnstable Harbor.  Watershed & Water Quality issues as well as Marsh Restoration top the list.   Fred Schilpp is chair of this committee.

 2.     Educational Committee:  Develop the website into an educational resource. Provide programming with curriculum related activities for school children including school trips aboard Barnstable Harbor Eco-Tours.  This committee seeks a chairperson.

Volunteers interested in participating with either committee should contact: info@friendsofbarnstableharbor.org.


Millway Bridge & Harbor Management Plan:

In early October, FoBH hosted a General Discussion meeting for the Barnstable Harbor community.  Concerns were raised with regard to the condition of the Millway Bridge.  Mass DPW has deemed the bridge to be in “good” condition; nevertheless, FoBH plans to continue to monitor the condition of the bridge.  FoBH wants to ensure that in the event of a significant bridge repair or replacement, work is conducted in a manner and time frame that has the lowest impact on the harbor businesses and the residents that utilize the bridge daily.

It was also decided that FoBH will resume work on the Harbor Management Plan(HMP).  An HMP is designed “to ensure waterfront areas grow in an environmentally sound and economically prosperous manner”.    FoBH will work with the town to develop a HMP for Barnstable Harbor.  None of the harbors in the Town of Barnstable currently have a HMP.  Continued work on this plan will require additional fund raising.


Website, Social Media & Outreach:

The website has been redesigned to be a Factual Information Sharing Resource about all things Barnstable Harbor.  Utilizing “Wordpress”, the website is now versatile and flexible.  FoBH has a Facebook Page and utilizes Mail Chimp for email communications to the membership.



This year FoBH organized two events at the Sturgis Library.

1.     Horseshoe Crabs -Ancient Mariners:  Audubon: Long Pasture’s Ian Ives shared information about the life cycle of horseshoe crabs as well as information about how to volunteer and participate in Long Pasture’s horseshoe crab “counts”.

2.     Barnstable Harbor Watershed Pollutants:  Mark Nelson of Horsley-Witten –Sustainable Environmental Solutions shared information about Watershed Issues (including run-off & septic systems), and actions that we could take to keep the harbor healthy.

Upcoming events planned include a presentation by Hyannis Whale Watch Naturalist:  Jonathan Brink on “Sand Lances” and a Creek Clean-up.



Membership remains strong with over 280 on the email list.  FoBH encourages all members to renew their membership for 2015.  Visit the Renewal Page on the website and utilize the on-line PayPal account to renew, or simply mail a check.


Friends of Barnstable Harbor Membership Options:

·      CLAM:  Sign-Up for E-Alerts and Receive Call To Action & News Letters ~ FREE

·      SAND LANCE:  Same as “Clam” plus Voting on Corporate Matters ~ $10

·      BLUEFISH:  Same as “Sand Lance” plus FoBH Bumper Sticker ~ $25

·      STRIPED BASS:  Same as “Bluefish” plus FoBH Mug ~ $50

·      BLUEFIN TUNA:  The name says it all ~ $100 +


Thank you to all that are Friends of Barnstable Harbor! 

May the upcoming year be one of health and well being for you, and for the harbor we love!


Submitted by:  Avery Revere, President


Click the link below for a PDF version of the 2014 Friends of Barnstable Harbor Annual Report


FBH 2014 Annual Report