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Message From the Prez Wastewater Management Plan Yesterday the Cape Cod Times reported that the CLF (Conservation Law Foundation) has initiated a lawsuit against the Town of Barnstable Waste Control Facility contending: “the levels of nitrogen discharged into groundwater by the plant are too high, and …

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Agenda/Proxy & Zoom Link December 18th @ 4pm Here is a link for the Agenda/Proxy for the FBH 2020 Annual Meeting: If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to cast your vote for our new slate …

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Today is World Oceans Day 2020, a global celebration and call to protect our seas. Message From the Prez Earlier this year I worked with several colleagues to plan events for a Barnstable Harbor celebration of World Oceans Day.  The events …

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Here’s Hoping that You and Your Families are Healthy Today’s nor’easter is really just your garden variety nor’easter. Nevertheless, below are some pictures of this morning’s high tide. Message From the Prez We are all familiar with nor’easters, but we …

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What a wild time we are experiencing. Currently we are facing a whole new brand of “resilience“. Nevertheless, many of the actions that are available to us for weathering COVID-19 are the same as we would utilize for any emergency …

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Message from the Prez The agenda of resilient communities need not be viewed as a bleak or burdensome one, but rather as a profoundly positive vision that holds great promise for improving the quality and experience of coastal living. -Timothy …

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It’s that time of year for the 2018 Annual Meeting Friday, December 14th, 2018 4:30pm Long Pasture Audubon Conference Room 345 Bone Hill Road, Barnstable, MA Click Below to download the: Agenda Proxy 2018 Annual Meeting  

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Volunteers Needed Please join Long Pasture, Mass Audubon in their upcoming Horseshoe Crab Survey. In a mass May migration, horseshoe crabs journey to the bays, coves, and tidal flats of Cape Cod to spawn and to lay clusters of eggs.Many …

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