World Oceans Day 2020

Today is World Oceans Day 2020, a global celebration and call to protect our seas.

Message From the Prez

Earlier this year I worked with several colleagues to plan events for a Barnstable Harbor celebration of World Oceans Day.  The events centered around our Youth Education Program -yep!, a program that offers students from across Cape Cod the opportunity to experience and learn about Cape Cod’s maritime heritage, coastal environment, and Blue Economy job opportunities.

One of the collaborator’s for this project was Jeffrey Morgan, Executive Director of OPAK- Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids.  OPAK brings a mobile marine science program into Massachusetts classrooms.  This past February, I attended a mobile classroom session at the Barnstable Intermediate School.  While witnessing Jeffrey’s engaging presentation, I was reminded of the diversity of the students in the Town of Barnstable public school system. 

It has always been fundamental to the mission of yep! to share Barnstable Harbor with students that might not otherwise have the opportunity get out on Cape Cod’s waters.  Whether this experience amounts to a boat ride with beautiful scenery, an introduction into maritime history, some cool bird sightings, or a hands-on introduction into environmental sciences, these trips will open a window into our coastal world.

As our lives resume a semblance of normalcy, it will be the continued objective of yep! to ensure that students from our public schools get to visit Barnstable Harbor and gain a better understanding of the maritime world that surrounds their seaside community. 

Your donation to Friends of Barnstable Harbor will support yep! and help to provide equal opportunities in education and knowledge for our entire community.

Happy World Oceans Day!

Avery Revere, President

World Oceans Day 2020