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Satellite View of Barnstable Harbor

Our Story-

Friends of Barnstable Harbor was established in early 2009 by a group of local residents concerned with the condition of the Barnstable Harbor Boat Basin Bulkhead/Retaining Wall that had collapsed.  Informal meetings were held where slip-holders, abutting business owners, commercial fishermen and recreational boaters coalesced to become Friends of Barnstable Harbor, and to work together on behalf of the Town of Barnstable to secure funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the repair project.  Spearheaded by Ted Theodores, a retired engineer, Friends of Barnstable Harbor was instrumental in obtaining $3.75M from the state for this project.  Further, Ted’s experience positioned Friends of Barnstable Harbor to keep an “eagle-eye” on the construction ensuring that both the Town of Barnstable’s and the local community’s interests were protected and served.

Governor Deval Patrick Press Release Dec. 21, 2009

Friends of Barnstable Harbor, with the approval and oversight of the Town of Barnstable Conservation Commission, organized the clean-up of the marsh area behind The Dolphin Restaurant in Barnstable Village.  Members and other volunteers picked up trash, tires, and debris;  and removed invasive phragmites.  The results of this creek clean-up are still apparent and Friends of Barnstable Harbor continues with  more Creek Clean-Ups in the near future.

Today, Friends of Barnstable Harbor continues in its role as steward of the harbor.  Visit the Issues & Challenges page for more information.  Also, visit the Education page and learn steps that we are taking to engage the younger generations in an “outdoor classroom”.

We are building our website into a Factual Information Sharing Resource.  Explore our site to find information about Barnstable Harbor Today, Tomorrow & Yesterday.  What You Can Do! is a resource for Boating Safety Information, Weather & Tides, Fishing & Shellfishing Licenses & Regulations, Sea Turtle & Marine Mammals Sighting and Birding Information.  Visit Oysters, Clams & More to learn more about both Commercial & Recreational shellfishing and concerns in Barnstable Harbor.

Finally, our popular Free Lecture Series at the Sturgis Libarary will continue in 2016.

Check back often and watch us preserve and protect your harbor.